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U2 - Rattle and Hummmh!

Go Robbie Go
August 22 - 31, 1988
Sometimes when somebody ask's you for a smoke, you give'em the whole pack, but not in this case. Rattle and Hum had been going on for a long, long while. It was one of those "live" records where they re-did everything except the drums, which sucked in my opinion. The fact that they were trying to put themselves on the same page as BB King, Dylan, and Sun Records, etc., just because they were hot, pissed me off. Bono (a.k.a the Boner) played Mr. GreenPeace, but proved he would do your girlfriend behind your back in a heartbeat, if he got the chance. Hey, I gots integrity.

In the end, Jimmy was doing his deal where he would get 3 or 4 major guys to mix the studio songs, then pick the best (most didn't know). I worked with Don Smith, on "Hawkmoon 269" in the Mix Room, and he smoked it. The song was called "Rolling Thunder" the whole record and then renamed. The 269 comes from the fact that there were 269 seriouslly mixed takes of the song by a bunch of engineers on Agfa 468 1/2" tape, until Don's final, and he was proud.

I spent about 7 hours one day doing musical edits on "Love, Rescue Me". It was about 8 minutes long and I tried everything, and I ended up using Dylan's vocal as the map. After the final cuts, Jimmy brought the Boner around to listen and he couldn't tell. I did the cuts on "When Love Comes to Town", "God Part II", and the final sequence with Don Smith as well.

By the end of this $38 million dollar spectacle (movie/record), they had all 5 rooms booked and on the last day Shelly worked till 5 am and Jimmy all night (that sure never happened before). Later we had a playback party in D with just the guys where we played the 1/2" all the way through and drank from the Boner's private stash of Cabernet. Life wasn't to grand if Jimmy didn't get that applesauce.

U2 Factoids:
Rob Jacobs actually mixed most of the record.

Robbie took the bass track from the sync head and ran it through a delay on most songs, because Adam was way late with the kick (i.e. sucked).

Van Diemen's Land took 4 days to mix 3 tracks of music.

We used the same applause between almost all the songs.

On the "God Part II" mix with David Tickle - we had about 9 tape machines going at once to make the flange parts (I cut'em in).

Some of the credits were wrong.
Post production engineering by David Tickle was bogus.
They spelled Robbie's name wrong. (Ron Jacobs)





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