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English, you fricken german bastards Niko's side
September 1990 - January 1991

Bill Leopold threw me a bone in the fall of 1990 with Plan B, a Berlin band. BMG distributed Melissa Etheridge in Germany, and the tie-in was Plan B's A&R guy was Missy's A&R guy over there. I was my first complete record at first chair, and I was scared to death. Pat Collier was producing, and he had done their "The Greenhouse Effect" about a year earlier.

I couldn't get time at A&M, so we went to Ocean Way, the big room at OW proper. It was the last gig on the API, for they were to install a shiny new Focusrite when we were done. Alan Sides had bought Record One some time back, and they had 2 pair of the "Blonde" NS-10's lying around. He was willing to part with a pair for a mere $800 (what a rip). Neil Young later bought the last pair. The last gig on Ocean Way's API

I was for a "live" record, but it turned out we overdubbed everything except the drums. After about 3 months of recording, we setup for mix in A&M Studio B after Xmas. A couple days into it, a friend of mine died in a freak accident, and I had Efren play "Dice Clay" tapes continuously. I'd punch up the cassette on rewinds for a few laughs. I also did laps around the A&M hallway with an acoustic playing "Sweet Virginia" over and over. Pat thought I was crazy, but thanked me later for holding it together. Throughout the record, I got Fritz the bass player to teach me all the dirty words in German. Diese Ficken, Misthaufen Berliner Kerle (Those Fuckin', Piece of Shit Berlin Guys)

The PrisonerI'd suprised myself and had recorded a pretty good sounding record, even though most the songs and vocals sucked. I guess all that time in boot camp paid off. "Bomb Me Happy" came out of catching Hans screwing around at the piano. I'd gotten Dan Bosworth to setup mic's in case he did something good, and he finally did.


Well BMG only released "Intensified" in Germany, and it stiffed.





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