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Parallel Sound

New to the Wisconsin area, Parallel Sound Recording Studios offers quality sounds at an affordable rate.

We are a computer based studio that uses a large collection of sounds and samples from over 15 years of recording experience to create realistic, competitive sounding music on a limited budget.  Nothing beats experience.

Perfect for singer/songwriters and quality demos. Good humans and gear. 
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Gear List:

Digital Computer Studio:

Pentium III 450Mhz with 192 MB ram
Fast Ultra SCSI Hard Drives

Event Layla pro audio interface

Cakewalk Sonor 2.2 XL

Sound Forge 7.0 digital 2 track editor

Large collection of audio plug-in's


Audio Gear:
Vintage EICO Stereo Tube Mic/Line Preamp (circa 1959 Sounds like a new Pultec)
Vintage Altec 436C Tube Compressor
2 Custom Tube Mic Pre's
Tascam DA-30 DAT Recorder
Revox B77 Analog 2 track - (Slap machine)
TEAC 3340S Analog 4 track - (Slap machine)
Ampex 440 1/4" 2 track - (Slap machine)
Ampex 960 (tube) 1/4" 2 track - (Slap machine)
Beheringer 1204 Mixer - (FX Return)
2 Art Tube Mic Pre's
Art Tube EQ
Beheringer Ultragain Pro Stereo EQ/Compressor
Beheringer Virtualizer Pro FX Processor
Pearl "Echo Orbit 1" Echoplex
Custom Furman MM-8 Headphone Mixer
Nady GEQ 231 Stereo Graphic EQ
Art SC2 Stereo Compressor/Limiter
Peavey Tube Sweetener
Peavey RQ200 Mixer
Vestax RV-3 Spring Reverb
Modified Rocktron EQ-3

Crown DC300 Series 2 Power Amp
Custom Yamaha NS-10's (see here)
Tannoy "London" Series - HPD-295A Drivers
Alesis "Monitor Two" 3 way monitors
Alesis "Point Seven" monitors
Custom Monitor control system

2 AKG C3000's
2 AKG 451's
2 Vintage Shure SM57 w/ Unidyne III capsules
Shure SM 58
Shure SM 53

Musical Gear:
Large collection of guitars and amplifiers - (including left handed)
Leslie 900 rotating organ speaker
Custom Leslie Guitar Cabinet w/ EV10M Driver
Roland A-70 keyboard
Kawai K4 keyboard

Large collection of keyboard sounds and samples


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Bob Vogt
Recording Engineer

Bob Vogt 2005

All Rights Reserved